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Impressions of Conquering Northern Japan on a Whim

About a month ago, there was a free weekend on Steam for Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence, a long-running Japanese grand strategy series which basically dropped off the western rear-end of the Earth since the PS2, (technically last seen in the crossover Pokémon Conquest for DS, yes, that exists, pretty good SRPG actually). I messed around with it on that weekend.

Not that you’d know there was a free weekend for the first localised instalment for a decade of the long-running series, as it wasn’t advertised on Steam anywhere. I actually found it out through a retailer’s news post, great work there. Although maybe they were hiding the astonishingly stingy sale discount of 17%. Considering it has a £50 pricetag anyway, this brought it down to… still more expensive than even higher-than average PC game price. Fallout 4’s part of that club, being £40 instead of £35, and that sale still meant Nobunaga’s Ambition was more offensive to your wallet. The game actually went on the slightly more generous discount of about 20% during the Steam autumn sale with little fanfare. Now I may be a business novice, but I know enough that this is a niche game and it was on greater discount on PS3 at the exact same time. The PS4 version was not discounted as much as the PS3 one because they needed to make this more complicated, and you can grab physical copies of it cheaper anyway, and oh this is just ridiculous.

Oh, and they sell ‘additional scenarios’ (9 of them!) for £2, or £2.50 from PSN, a pop as well. Marvellous.

Enough about floundering attempts to sell your niche, relatively-unknown grand strategy games on PCs and consoles, to the actual game itself. Which is basically the Samurai Warriors version of Feudal Japan, not surprising as it’s also a Koei Tecmo game. Although with less of entire armies being knocked senseless by one or two people, and more shooting galleries of troops formations firing stuff at each other.

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