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Things that Baffle me about Guild Wars 2

Seeing as the expansion, Heart of Thorns, launches tomorrow to an influx of failures to login after the snail’s pace of a download that will inevitably happen, some long overdue musings on what I do and don’t like about Guild Wars 2, starting with the bad so I hopefully I don’t sound like I hopelessly bitter about it. I thought I might go for a mixed list but it got a bit long. I’m bound to miss something though. There’s always a lost niggle.


You can join multiple guilds at once in Guild Wars 2! Yay! Don’t have to have mutually-exclusive social circles!

Except you can only ‘represent’ one guild at a time, which means you can only get the bonuses of, earn the guild currency influence for, and use the guild chat of a single guild at a time, which kind of defeats most of the point of having membership of multiple guilds. The influence-earning part is also highly important, as you can only earn influence (through just playing the game mostly) for a single guild at a time, most guilds have ‘100% or 99% representation’ policies, meaning they’ll kick you out if you’re not constantly repping the guild, meaning you can’t access other guild chats, defeating the point of having multiple guilds for different social circles. Read the rest of this entry