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Ar nosurge – Adventures in Singing in Space

Ar nosurge is a strange game, and incredibly difficult to talk about without spoilers which make it so great, so such spoilers are banished from here. Instead, here are some other things which make it a fascinating oddball of a game. It’s also the ‘sequel’ to a Vita sort-of online dating sim, because. This will be long and rambly.

Ar nosurge, (yes, the lack of capitalisation is deliberate, I have no idea why either), is a sort-of spiritual successor to the little strange series Ar Tonelico, which is a trilogy of games where music comes from songs in completely fabricated, but fully-formed, languages. Although that’s one of the few stylistic aspects Ar nosurge actually keeps, as well as the incredibly verbose visual novel sections of going into people’s minds to try help them deal with their personal issues. Instead of being on a planet where many people live on floating continents in the sky, Ar nosurge is much more in the realms of science-fiction, set on a gigantic colony ship containing entire cities, stuck on its journey for thousands of years.

Where everything is going wrong.

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