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Valkyria Chronicles 2, the Sequel of Disappointment

Valkyria Chronicles’ sequel is a very confused game, one which completely misunderstands what made the first game so good and instead tries to chase a market that didn’t even really care. Although problems start with its development, seeing as the first game on PS3 was good, but didn’t really sell, it was decided to cut costs by putting the PSP, it only really gets worse. Read the rest of this entry


Verbose Tangential Trains of Thought Ahoy!

It’s a wonder what having no internet does, like make you write up a bunch of words about a sequel not living up its predecessor because of production meddling.

Thus I decided to set this up, and because I’m a bad person, only recently managed to get myself to properly edit things together, even though the theme I just nabbed straight from seeing someone else use it and liking it.

Expect infrequent ramblings about mostly games, but mostly anything that I can’t stop talking about in one way or another.

Clearly the best start is a negative one right?